Computer Science is not just coding

People have this misconception that if you are studying for computer science, it means that you are actually learning to code. This is partially true. computer science is not just coding, coding is just one part of computer science. It is like saying if you are an actor then you are learning to use a lot of make-up. The make-up is just one part of acting and actor. Hence Computer Science is not just programming or developing or coding – there is a lot more to it.

If you are a Computer Science student then it means you will be learning basically all aspects of computer science. You will be learning about computer architecture, computer networks, data structures, databases, computer application design, about software, how to develop software, computer programming, about artificial intelligence, discrete mathematics etc etc. So, as you can see it is not all coding. Yes, they teach computer programming or coding in computer science but it is not all coding. Computer Science it self is a separate branch of study, it is a science, in fact there is a lot of Math involved in it.

If you use common sense and think about Computer Science from a layman’s perspective you know that it involves a lot of stuff that go into making and using computers. At the heart of the computers and now tablets is the processor. How do we make a processor? What other accessories are need to connect this processor so that a computer can be created for a user to use it.? How will data be stored in this computer?. How are you going to interconnect your computer with another so that you can communicate with another computer.? How can you make computers solve a problem? So, as you can see, Computer Science is like an ocean. There is a lot of topics and problems involved in it. Never say that Computer Science is just “coding”.


3 thoughts on “Computer Science is not just coding

  1. my relatives asked me “what is all about my course-Computer Science?” and i can’t really explain it to them. One of my professor, said “Computer Science is about computing. It is about solving problem through the use of computer”


    • Well, that is true. It is a bit hard to explain to people about what computer science is all about and most of them happily conclude that it is programming or coding. That is not the case as I have explained, Computer Science is more than coding.


      • I am a current 2nd year Computer Science student and up to now i am realizing it,like what you’ve said It is more than coding. 🙂


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