Good Grades Certainly Don’t Hurt!

This was an argument between two people that I saw last week on one of the forums on the Internet. One was saying that it was trash to recruit people for a job based on GPA and the other person was saying “GPA does matter, how can we implement fairness without GPAs?”. After two days, I went back to the same forum and found that both these people have finally agreed on the statement that GPAs should not be a criterion for hiring.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember asking my mother about this. She said “how else can an employer select a few people from a group of probable employees? You need something to eliminate a few people”. Well, that makes sense. How can we select 5 people from a group of 20 people? The easiest way is to use GPA as a filter. Select the top 5 people with the highest GPAs. So, the argument is that even if a “would be Thomas Edison” gets eliminated, he or she will come up in their lives through hard work or luck or God’s blessings or fate or whatever you want to call it, or a combination of all of these.

Suppose we do away with GPA. In that case how are we going to select a few people?. What if we have 3 openings and 20 thousand applications? In that case the employer will have to conduct some sort of a test or interview for 20 thousand people which is kind of impossible. If people are going to argue that it is not impossible then I can certainly say that conducting test or interview for 3 openings for 20 thousand people is extremely time consuming and definitely costly. It is in this kind of situation where GPAs count. These are the type of situations where employers will use GPA as an elimination tool, a bitter criterion for those less fortunate. Those who have good GPAs will argue in favor it and those who don’t will argue against it.

So, should we have GPAs for college work? Yes, definitely. It is like asking “Should we pay for the painting work that Joe did?” “Should we pay for the cab that we hired? Should we buy a ticket for the train journey?”. The answer is, “Yes, Yes and Yes”. We ought to pay for any form of effort, we should pay for every student’s work and that payment is made by the college or university in the form of grades and GPAs. Hence, good grades certainly will not hurt but hiring based on GPAs alone is not wise.


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