Google Docs To Get Voice-to-Text Dictation

There is some good news for those who are fed up with typing – Just heard that Google is going to introduce Voice to Text conversion feature in Google Docs. Not sure when it is going to be released but I’m excited to test this new feature. I am not certain about how it will be, especially since we have a lot of similar softwares in the market and almost all of them are kind of a failure. Let see what Google has to show us.

I remember testing a voice-to-text software last year. I was excited and tested my very first sentence. I said “This is a text to voice conversion testing”. Then I looked at the screen to see what the software has typed and I was shocked to see “thish ish ext to ways one version texting”. I thought it could be my pronunciation and I brought my friend who had a better voice and accent but soon found that his output was even worse.  After a few more attempts I gave the software back to its owner and have never used it again. I hope Google’s software is not a brother or cousin of this particular software, hope it produces a little more better output. I agree that no software in this world can give the best output for every body on this planet but if it cannot produce a decent output, it is not worth the effort.

So, what do you all think about this new feature? Will it succeed?


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