Insecure writers outside support group -:)

I accidentally read Alex J Cavanaugh’s blog about Insecure writer’s support group and initially thought of joining it. The rule is that a blogger who joins that group will have to post every first Wednesday of a month. At first I thought it was a piece of cake and then I hesitated. I just recollected what all I have to do on the first Wednesday of every month other than posting to this writers group. Here is a list of my excuses:  a. Give my dog a shower, b. Have a hair cut, c. Clean my desk, d. Buy my monthly  grocery, e. Read monthly postings on certain blogs, f. Pay my bills for the previous month  etc etc

Well, that is a small list of my excuses but my worst fear is not posting for consecutive Wednesdays and, hence, where is the time to be a insecure writer.-:)

All I can do is support Alex from outside by creating a new group called Insecure writer’s outside support group -:)


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