Tim Berners-Lee calls for a digital bill of rights

A news item that caught my attention a few days back was this, “Tim Berners-Lee calls for a digital bill of rights to ensure internet freedom”. So, is Tim right in calling for a digital bill of rights? First of all, do we need a digital bill of rights?. Will Tim be successful in this attempt – Only time will tell.

My view is that this thing called “Internet” has been misused to the maximum by those who had “money and muscle”. Basically, it was the Governments around the world that had this “money and muscle” and so, it is they who have misused Internet to the maximum. People think that it is just the Intelligence Agencies around the world that have misused the “Internet”. That is not the case. Whoever who had the expertise to eavesdrop on the Internet did it and used it to their advantage. Most of the time, these so called “mini” powers used these data that they collected on the Internet to their advantage and all these spying were clubbed together and blamed on the Intelligence Agencies. I am not justifying these Intelligence Agencies, they have their own share in this monstrous loot. Around the world, there is absolutely no law or Police for the Internet – money and muscle always tasted victory. A few people, cutting across regional boundaries, opposed this eavesdropping. To counter this, many innocents were imprisoned, many were beaten-up and the rest were shamed for opposing this misuse. Therefore a digital bill of rights is necessary for the Internet, I believe this bill was a long overdue.


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