Book Review: The Economy of You by Kimberly Palmer; AMACOM

Kimberly Palmer analyzes how to get more power, more money and more control on one’s life in her new book titled “The Economy of You”. The book tells the reader about how to guarantee success for oneself in a world of tremendous financial pressure and zero job security. Palmer hand-holds the reader into starting and maintaining a side-gig along with a full-time job. The part of the book that I liked was the list of ideas, inspirations and exercises found at the end of this book. These exercises will help a person generate and launch a side-gig idea. The book also contains a list of top fifty side-gigs shows that are currently popular.

The Economy of YouThe star attraction of this book is the real life inspirational stories that the author has narrated in this book. According to the author, all the people in these stories had the same goal and same reason for starting a side job – to develop a solid secondary source of income beyond their main paychecks. The author also mentions many examples of celebrities earning money apart from their full time jobs. The author, Kim Palmer, also cautions the reader that starting and owning a side-gig is not a piece of cake. In fact, she says that being an entrepreneur means facing many inevitable setbacks. However, the author says that failure is an inevitable part of any side-gig pursuit. Therefore it is worth to try something than not taking a risk at all.

Overall, I will rate this book as “excellent”. There are several stories in this book that are truly cheering and encouraging. I am very sure that by reading this book, every reader will feel a boost in his or her self-confidence to start a side-gig though the book does not advocate any short cuts to success. The success behind every side-gig mentioned in this book is pure hard work. I will give a rating of five stars out of five for this book. After reading this book, I felt that this is the “Bible” for starting a side-gig. If you are somewhere out in this world struggling to find a job or confused on how to start a side-gig along with your full-time job, then please buy this book.


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