Book Review: Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews By Tony Beshara

The book provides firm, intelligent guidelines and prescriptions into what sentences and phrases should a candidate use during a job interview. Prior to reading this book, I never knew that interviewers make up their mind to hire someone in the first four minutes of the interview. Therefore, this book definitely opened my eyes to this piece of truth which I never knew before. The author of this book is Tony Beshara, Owner and President of Babich & Associates – oldest placement firm in Texas, US.

Powerful Phrases for Successful Interviews is really a great book for anybody who is preparing for a job interview. This book tells the reader what the interviewers are really looking for, what they would like to hear and how one should communicate this to the interviewer. The title of this book does echo this idea. According to the author, 90% of the hiring is done emotionally – this is indeed news to me. Going through the book, the central idea that is highlighted frequently is that successful candidates use powerful phrases in order to be liked and remembered by the interviewer.

Another idea from the book that I liked is the two powerful phrases that successful candidates use – How do I stack up with other candidates you have interviewed and what do I need to do to get the job. However, in case of jobs from Information Technology, the interviewer focuses mostly on technical questions and hence even if you are a confident candidate, ask all relevant questions, and use powerful phrases – as long as you do not give technically correct answers you are unlikely to be hired. The book seems to be ignoring this fact. According to Tony, ability to do the job is only 20% of the hiring decision. The author then answers several questions about how to handle questions related to your job experience, questions related to your work ethic, questions about job itself, questions about the organization/company etc. The book does cover about Powerful phrases for specific professions and positions but it is too little – although it has covered most of the professions, the questions are very limited and there are many more professions that are left out though it is difficult for any author to cover every little known profession. In the end, I think this book is an extremely good book for those preparing for a job interview. It does not matter whether you are in the North America or South America or Asia or Europe – the examples and techniques given in this book are relevant to every job seeker on this planet. This book taught me many powerful phrases that can be used in an interview. I will definitely recommend this book to anyone preparing for a job interview.


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