Book Review: Spam Kings by Brian McWilliams

A fantastic account of the big business of spam supplemented by the pitched battle of both spammers and anti spammers that will leave the readers startled and stunned. Spam Kings tells the story of David Hawke, a self-made spammer. By fate or by choice, Hawke starts of as a Neo Nazi while in school. When Hawke found that it was becoming difficult to pay off his monthly bills, he started the American Knife Depot. Then, he turned his Neo Nazi organization called the Knights of Freedom into the American Nationalist Party. When ANP did not click, David Hawke switched to become a full-time spammer by figuring out how to use the bulk email sending software called Stealth Mail Bomber. Spam Kings also chronicles the life of Susan Gunn, a self made anti-spammer who goes by the nickname of Shikasaa on the internet forums and chat rooms devoted to anti spamming. The book then goes on to tell the events in the lives of many heroes and villains from the anti-spamming world and spamming world.

Spam Kings will definitely keep the reader thrilling and entertaining, the reader will never get sick and tired of this book. This is the first book that I have been reading about Brian McWilliams. The good side of Brian’s writing is that I never got lost while I was reading this book. I really enjoyed Brian’s writing style as he has written in such a way that is clear and interesting to the reader. Brian is indeed a great storyteller because while reading this book I felt as if I watching the movie of this book. The Author’s experience in writing hundreds of articles on spam and security has come handy and is reflected in this book, as the book is smooth and extremely interesting to read.

This is definitely a good book to read when you are travelling. If you are interested in technology or want to know what spam is all about then you should definitely read this book. In addition, if you are a business administration student, you should read this book as it shows the thin line between what is legal and illegal and what is ethical and what is not. Initially, when I got this book, the title gave me the impression that this book is exhausting but it was engaging, enjoyable and fascinating to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing what goes on in the spamming world. Spam Kings is definitely a book worth reading.


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